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Sell Your Used Clothes Locally by Following These Quick Tips

Open your closet, and you’re likely to find a lot of old clothes you never wear. Open your wallet, and you may find that it contains less cash than you’d like. Learn how to kill both birds with one stone by selling your used clothes locally.

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What causes the most clutter for many when it comes to their bedrooms? Clothes that they haven’t worn in years. While this may seem like a long-lasting problem, you can turn it into an immediate positive by selling such clothes for cash.

The Benefits of Selling Clothes Locally

While many people have turned to the Internet to sell their old clothes, the local brick-and-mortar route is still going strong. Why? Well, depending on your situation, local sales could be much more convenient.

When you sell old clothes online, you assume the role of the store. Sure, you can reach a larger audience in less time, but you have to handle the shipping once an item gets sold. This alone can be a deterrent that pushes you towards looking to sell locally instead.

As long as you have buyers in your area, you can get rid of your clothes quickly for some cold, hard cash. We’ll reveal where to find those buyers in a minute. But first, let’s look at some tips for getting the most for your now-ignored attire.

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Even though you may not wear them anymore, you don’t want to give up your duds for next to nothing. Follow these simple tips, and you’ll maximize your earnings:

1. Check for damage – Check the clothes under a bright light to look for any holes, discoloration, armpit stains, or other issues that would prevent anyone from wanting to buy them. Small imperfections are fine. Major ones may not be, depending on the buyer. Use your discretion here.

2. Clean your clothes – As basic as this sounds, some people try to sell unwashed garments, which can ruin their money-making chances from the start.

3. Fold your clothes – You don’t have to iron them. Nicely folding them props up their presentation, however, which could yield extra income.

4. Package your clothes properly – Use a bag from a department store or a basket to carry your clothes to the store that might buy them. A garbage bag could give off the wrong impression and put a damper on your clothing’s value.

5. Sell as often as you can – If you know you’ll never wear an item again, sell it. The more you let it sit untouched in your closet, the more likely it will lose its value as it goes out of style.

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Local Stores That Buy Used Clothes

This brick-and-mortar list will depend on where you live. Many of these stores have locations nationwide, though, that could allow you to walk in with clothes and walk out with cash. Check their websites for the nearest location near you:

  1. Buffalo ExchangeClothes Mentor
  2. Once Upon a Child
  3. Plato’s Closet
  4. Style Encore
  5. Uptown Cheapskate
  6. Local consignment shops – Search for them in your city online or in the phone book

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