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How To Sell Other People’s Free Stuff For Pure Profit

If selling other people’s free stuff for cash sounds like a scam, it isn’t. You can start doing it today for some substantial extra income thanks to a specific section on Craigslist.

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Why would somebody give away their perfectly good items for free? Some will do it to reduce clutter. Others, meanwhile, will do it if a family member passes.

Regardless of the why, keep reading to find out how you can profit from this complimentary moneymaking goldmine on Craigslist.

How to Find Free Items on Craigslist

Finding free stuff you can flip on Craigslist is super simple:

  1. Head to the main Craigslist site.
  2. Find your city.
  3. Look for the for sale section on the front page.
  4. Find the free section within the for sale section.
  5. Start browsing the biggest bargains you’ll ever find (because they’re 100 percent free).

Here are some examples of what a quick trip to Craigslist’s free section can yield:

  • Entertainment center
  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Wooden credenza
  • Dog house
  • Tools
  • Retail counter
  • Pet steps
  • Large reclining rocking chair
  • Baby bed
  • 9-piece sectional leather sofa

All of those results were posted on the same day. What do they have in common? Besides the fact that they’re completely free, they can all be sold for profit.

How to Sell Craigslist Free Items for Pure Profit

While there’s no shortage of free stuff you can sell off Craigslist, you probably have a lack of space to store it. If not, the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can make from this method. If you are short on space, though, you can still take it slow to bolster your bank account.

Once you see an item that catches your eye, respond to the listing. From there, the lister will let you know how to pick up the product.

After you have the product in your possession, it’s time to flip it for cash. What’s the easiest avenue to achieve this goal? List it on Craigslist once again.

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Craigslist gets loads of local traffic. As long as your item is in good condition and is something someone needs, you can sell it that very same day.

To attract attention to your listing, be sure to take multiple pictures of the product. They don’t have to be professional, as you can take them with your cell phone’s camera.

Besides having multiple pictures, be descriptive in your ad. List the item with as much information as you have on it. The more details, the better.

While reselling free items on Craigslist is a fast path to pure profit, you can also host a rummage or garage sale. Such sales are a good option if you have multiple things stored in your home that you want to sell in just one day.

What’s the downside of a rummage sale? You may get less money for your items versus online. Still, it’s rather quick and painless, and remember that you never paid a penny for those items in the first place.

In short, even if your selling price isn’t optimal, you’re not losing any money in the process.

A final option worth mentioning is to sell to specialty buyers. If you scored electronics or luggage, for instance, your local pawn shop may be interested. Or if you have a friend who’s a fanatic of a particular item, having it in your possession could mean a super-simple sale.

Jordan Jacobs

Jordan has worked as a mortgage lender and real estate agent. He is a self-described "housing professional" with over 20 years of experience in the industry. After retiring at the early age of 50, he shifted his focus to sharing his personal wisdom with others.

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