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5 Innovative Energy Saving Products For Your Home

When planning ways to save money, most people probably don’t consider saving money and energy by choosing energy saving appliances or even replacing older appliances with energy saving appliances.

When you are choosing new appliances for energy savings there are a few things you should do: read the reviews, learn to read an Energy Star label, think toward the future, and don’t discount small electronics.  After doing our own research, here’s where you can buy a few of our favorite energy saving appliances right now!  First off, if you have to buy a new microwave, toaster oven, refrigerator, ceiling fan or other appliance, shop for Energy Star certified products.

These 5 appliances offer significant savings in operations costs, often saving you enough money to pay for the appliance in just a few months.  These 5 energy saving appliances should be in your home now.

1. Honeywell – HFD280B Air Cleaner

Honeywell’s air cleaner has 4 cleaning levels: sleep, general, allergen, and max.  This air cleaner also helps reduce odors.  This model is an energy efficient air cleaner that operates quietly.  In addition, it saves energy with an automatic shut-off timer that you can set for 2, 4, or 8 hours.  To top it off, you do not even need to use replaceable filters with this device but they are an available option if you want an even better clean. For best price click here.


2. Samsung RT21M6215SG refrigerator

This Samsung refrigerator has a top-freezer, which is more energy efficient than the side-by-side.  This energy saving refrigerator is an affordable model and comes in a stainless-steel finish.  It is equipped with an icemaker and digital controls. It uses dual evaporators to prevent air from moving between the refrigerator and freezer compartments.  This also allows it to act as a flexi-fridge, which lets you can change the top compartment from freezer to refrigerator and back whenever you need extra fridge space.

The annual energy costs for a new refrigerator range from $42 to $100.  This Samsung refrigerator’s annual energy cost is $62.  These are much more energy efficient than older refrigerators, and possibly the one you have in your house. Do you want to know how much you will save?

Use the flip your fridge calculator and fine out how much you can save by flipping it to Energy Star.

3. Nest Thermostat

Lots of appliances in your house are using energy but one of the biggest energy consumers is heating/cooling your house.  Nest will stop you from wasting this energy while you aren’t home.  The Nest thermostat learns your schedule and begins to adjust the temperature in your home around your schedule.  It will never stop learning and applying your habits to save your energy consumption.  Nest has energy saving features like Home/Away Assist to use your Eco Temperatures that you and your family will enjoy. For best price click here.


4. Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR7[5]UC Dishwasher

According to Energy Star, a dishwasher made before 1994 wastes more than ten gallons of water per cycle.  It is time to upgrade to an energy efficient dishwasher like the Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR7[5]UC dishwasher.  This dishwasher has a soil sensor, to help its energy efficiency.  It also has an adjustable upper rack, delayed-start, a stainless/plastic interior, and lots of flatware slots. For best price click here.


5. LG WM3670H*A Washing Machine

This washing machine gives you the space you need to do larger loads.  Less loads of laundry equals more energy (and therefore money) saved.  The LoadSense feature automatically detects the size of each load for optimal water levels and wash times.  TurboWash cuts down overall cleaning time by 30 minutes without sacrificing quality while Speed Wash gets a small load done in just 15 minutes – perfect for a date night outfit. The Cold Water wash gives you the same cleaning performance as a regular wash cycle while cutting down on your utility bill.  LG’s Allergiene™ Cycle gently removes pet dander allergens from even the most delicate fabrics while the Steam option removes bacteria and sanitizes fabrics and toys. The FreshCare™ Option tumbles your laundry periodically.  So even if your clothes sit in the drum for hours, they will be clean and fresh, as if the cycle just ended.

These energy saving appliances are all Energy Star certified appliances from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  All of these options are competitively priced and will save you money in the long term through energy savings.  Try replacing some of your older inefficient appliances with new energy saving appliances and see the difference in your electric bill next month, and every month after that. For best price click here.

Jordan Jacobs

Jordan has worked as a mortgage lender and real estate agent. He is a self-described "housing professional" with over 20 years of experience in the industry. After retiring at the early age of 50, he shifted his focus to sharing his personal wisdom with others.

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