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How Much Do Moving Companies Charge?

You don’t realize how much you own until it’s time to move.

You don’t realize how much you own until it’s time to move. The average person moves more than 11 times in his or her life according to the 2016 U.S Census Bureau. It can be difficult to move your belongings from one home or apartment to the next without help from friends, family or movers. Moving companies can make the process significantly easier. Find out how much moving companies charge to get prepared for your next move.

Knowing how much moving companies charge is important for budgeting. When you’re looking to hire a moving company, you can ask for price quotes from different businesses in the area and look for reviews online. You want to use a reputable company to ensure your belongings do not get damaged, are organized, and you are charged a fair price.

How Much Do Moving Companies Charge?

Moving companies factor in location, amount of belongings, number of movers needed, and current demand into their pricing strategy. You can find companies that charge per person, per hour, per truck, or per job. Some companies provide extra services like packing/unpacking or cleaning, usually for an extra fee. A binding estimate is a contract in which the moving company gives a price upfront for the move. A nonbinding estimate gives you a rough estimate, but actual costs are calculated after the move is complete.

What to Consider?

Travel – How far do your belongings need to travel to get from your old home to your new place? Local moves are going to be less expensive than if you’re traveling a long distance like across the state or the country. A local move will likely charge by the hour for the movers and then by the mile for the distance. A long-distance move will calculate the fuel costs, weight, miles, as well as the labor costs of the employees who will be driving the moving vehicle.

Amount of Belongings

The size of the move is another big factor in the pricing strategy for a moving company. Moving companies have different sized vehicles. Moves that only require one smaller truck with two movers are going to be less expensive than a larger truck with four movers. Long distance moves often are calculated by weight, which is usually around $0.70 per pound of belongings traveled and then additional costs of movers, the truck, etc.


How many movers are needed? You should expect to pay around $25/hr. per mover but that price can increase if there is a higher demand for that time period. If your movers need to travel longer distances, expect a higher rate.

Moving Trucks

Rental trucks typically cost a certain amount per day from $20 to $50 dollars and then anywhere from $0.70 to $2.00 per mile, depending on the size of the truck.

Specialty Items

Do you have any items like pianos that need to be moved? Some companies charge extra for dissembling/reassembling furniture, moving specialty items like pianos, and the use of any provided moving supplies.


Do you want add packing/unpacking services? Expect to pay $25-$35/hr. per mover if you would like the movers to organize, pack, and unpack your belongings.


If your belongings are damaged during the move, you will be reimbursed $0.60 per pound for the item unless you add additional value protection. Full value protection typically costs one percent of the value of the belongings being shipped.

Tips to save more:

• Schedule moving during the morning rather than the afternoon, when the demand is higher
• Avoid weekends
• Move during the middle of the month, leases tend to start at the beginning and end of each month
• Go through your belongings before you move and donate anything you don’t want, to reduce the amount being moved.

DIY Move

You can skip the cost of movers by doing it yourself. You can grab a few friends or family members and rent a truck one-way. The truck rental can cost anywhere from $19 to $40 dollar depending in the size of the truck and then between $0.70 to $1.50 per mile and additional add-ons like liability coverage or gas if applicable.

An alternative to a moving truck is a portable moving container. Portable moving containers offer different sized containers that you can pack and unpack yourself and are transported to the new location by the company. They are priced by the size and distance they must travel. A local move costs around $500 per container while a long-distance move costs between $2000 – $3000.

Moving companies take the hassle out of moving, which is often a stressful and chaotic time. Movers can help organize your home, pack up your belongings and make sure they do not get damaged during the journey. The movers can also help you unpack your belongings into your new home, reassembling furniture and moving large items like appliances that require many hands. Professional movers know how to make the process as easy as possible, but the price depends on many different factors of the move.

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