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About Us

Happy Home Insider is here to help you make complicated processes easier. At HHI, we are dedicated to providing you—the homeowner: whether first-time buyers or veterans—with the essential and easily digestible tips and tricks for all of your economic and maintenance needs. This is your A to Z guide for buying and maintaining your little slice of the American Dream.

Happy Home Insider can help guide you through the confusing early stages of the purchasing process—understanding home equity loans to FHA and conventional loans—and empowering you to uncover the financing or refinancing plan that caters to your unique needs. Equipped with the insight from a team of real estate and home improvement experts, HHI also provides homeowners the resources and the tools they need to complete their periodic maintenance tasks, repairs, and home improvement projects all by the most cost-effective and efficient means possible.

Our contributors bring over 50 years of expertise and insider insight to the table when advising our readers, so you can rest assured that the information you are receiving is of sound judgement and utmost value. With our in-depth analysis and project calculators, our team can show homeowners exactly what to expect when choosing a financing plan, budgeting the cost of a project as well as the level of intensity brought to bear with materials and labor. If it is possible, we will always show you the way to do it yourself. By the same token, we will be honest with you if a project might be too dangerous or too onerous to DIY. To that end, we will be with you when contracting your repairmen to avoid any potential negative experiences or shady activity.

At the end of the day, Happy Home Insider is about giving homeowners back their power. We are the source you can rely on to make the challenging experiences of a homeowner safer and more secure.

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